All images sent to by clients are treated as the clients’ property. We never claim ownership to any images that are submitted through any transmission channels including, but not limited to, cloud storage, email or FTP account.

We do not expose your images to search engines or any other discovery methods. We use secured cloud servers and FTP accounts for exchanging image files. We even have strict file sharing protocol within our office, which allows us to block image transfers from our employees also. Therefore, your images are solely used in-house with strict controlling measures.

Your images are very much safe with us. However, if we need to use any or part of your image as portfolio, we will never post it without your prior consent.


etchpicture obtains only specific and personalized data on its website visitors when such information is supplied voluntarily. we will not force-fully ask you to opt-in to any of our email list.

The user data including contact information, buying behavior, payment behavior, etc. is solely used by etchpicture. We do not sell or reveal user data to any third-party. However, for the purpose of showing custom ads and offers through online advertising, we may use the user data. But, most of the advertising platforms we use are secured and do not expose your emails any other parties.

We has security measures in place for protecting data conveyed during a visitor’s purchase. Our employees are required to protect the privacy of such data. We want our visitors and customers to feel that their privacy would be protected when visitors access their account or purchase services from us. Because etchpicture desires accuracy in the information it obtains and uses about its visitors and customers, We will attempt to verify its data and will ask its customers to notify it of any inaccuracies or mistakes of which they may become aware through their online account data and bills.


We will not sell or reveal your emails to anyone third-party unless authorized by the visitor. In case of advertising to specific email list, we may use your email and other contact information. But, most of the places we host your emails and contact information for Online Advertisement are safe and secured.

we does not send “junk” e-mail, also known as “spam”. In certain instances, when We wishes to contact customers via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm purchases, or transmit information requested by a visitor, we will use e-mail.

When a customer or visitor receives an e-mail which s\he does not want from us, the customer always can opt-out from further e-mails. Please contact us at for this.


Etchpicture may, from time, gather generic information solely to determine the success and usefulness of its website. This generic information, which does not reveal the identity of the visitor, may include: what web site the visitor visited, how much time people spend on various pages of the site, and the originating web page of the visitor. our uses this information to determine customer service needs. In the future, may increase its technical abilities for gathering data about visitors in order to enhance the services offered to visitors and customers.


This privacy policy will be periodically updated to reflect any such changes to etchpicture practices. If there is any privacy issues or discrepancy, feel free to email us at We have ultimate respect for your copyright and privacy.