eBay image Ready (Size, Rsulation & Formate)

The quality of your product images is most important detail that can pique the interest of buyers. Simply, images of poor quality distract buyers from wanting to further research the product.

Because images play such an important role on product pages, eBay has trong requirements that dictate what is acceptable or unacceptable for product images


Image sizing and formats:

The minimum and maximum image dimensions are 500X500 pixels and 9000X9000 pixels(height and width), respectively.

For the best zoom-in functionality, size your images so they are between 800-1600 pixels on the longest side.

The size of any one image must not exceed 12MB.

Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP


All images must show a realistic view of the product (Such as the relevant color, size, or the numbe of items in the bundle or multi-pack) and the images must represent the specific product being described.

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